1. discuss the reason as to why information is

What are the
potential sources of the problem?

There seems to be
several potential sources that may be causing this issue with Interwest
Healthcare. To begin, there seems to be very poor communication between
Manzoni, Singh, and the administrators. The retreat that Manzoni had planned in
order to communicate with the administrators regarding the issues at hand with
the data entry could have been extremely advantageous to the organization.

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However, incompetent communication is the issue at hand. During the retreat,
the staff and administrators should have been able to discuss organizational
planning, decision making, patient care, data reports, and concerns. It was
also mentioned how employees accused Singh of not caring about patients, while
Singh accused employees of not understanding the significance of the hospital
reports. It seems as if the CEO and CFO are against the administrators and vice
versa. Creating a divide within the team may affect the organization in a
significant matter.

Another potential
source of the problem I had noticed is obviously the issue with the data not
being entered into the information system correctly. Due to this, many issues
may arise such as, reports being less beneficial and deceptive, the government
auditing the organization, and the loss of governmental funding. The CFO and
CEO need to sit with the administrators and discuss the reason as to why information
is not being put into the system correctly. If employees are unsure of how to
input information properly then there needs to be extra training in order for
them to do so. There should be no reason that this should be an issue.

What information
would you want to analyze?

The information I
would want to analyze would be the hospital’s information system. Patient
intake, treatment, and release information are all things that are extremely
vital to an organization such as this. In order to analyze the hospital’s
information system, it would be helpful for me to learn more about the current
system and how it is used. After I have received a complete understanding I can
further look into analyzing the issue at hand. Also, as mentioned before, I
would also want to analyze the reason for the issues that have been made
regarding the system. Is this due to improper training? Is it the system’s
fault? It could simply be because of high stress levels from employees.


What actions might
you recommend to increase the accuracy of the data entry?

As mentioned
before, it is critical for everyone to have a complete understanding of the
current information system. After confirming that everyone knows what they’re
doing, I would organize a staff meeting where we would discuss steps to ensure
that information will no longer be entered incorrectly. For example, I would
have staff members continuously check and be certain that everything is entered
in properly. During this meeting I would also encourage staff members to
express any concerns they may have with the system. After listening to them, I
would organize a separate meeting amongst the administrators to see how these
issues may be resolved.


How does your view
of behavior affect how you might address this consulting assignment?

I believe it is
extremely important to show your employees that they’re wanted and that the
administrators care about them. It was mentioned that the staff members feel as
if the administrators do not care for them, in this case it makes it difficult
for everyone to work together to make this organization successful. Something
that these managers should follow is the Happy-is-Productive model. This is the
notion that employees that are happy work better than those who are unhappy.

Mangers that go by this model make it their goal to satisfy employees at work
(Brickley, Smith, & Zimmerman, 2016). It is crucial for management to have
competent communication skills when discussing things with staff members. They
must address what needs to be done and how it should be done. It would also be
beneficial to have team meetings once or twice a month in order to discuss any
progress or concerns. This will provide everyone with the proper feedback in
order to succeed. Also, it may be beneficial to inform staff of the importance
of putting in information correctly into the system. I would make sure staff
knows that if they continue to put in the wrong information into the system it
will result in a loss of federal funding which would not be good for the
patients that need us. 


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