The Post-Second
World War era has great importance today because it has such a continuous
effect on today’s political, economic, and social conditions. Almost the entire
world suffered from the war bitterly and a new situation in the world, with the
emergence of a new leading actor in world affairs, the United States of
America, after the war. For political and economic reasons, after the Second
World War, the world was defined by bipolarity, by a power struggle between
Western/USA and the Soviet Union camps. During the war and after it, assistance
and aid initially determined the two sides and their supporters/ piled
countries around them; only these two players who really mattered at least for
twenty years and especially the United States played huge roles in shaping
world politics using them. Emerging from the Second World War as a super power,
the United States of America developed the Marshall Plan to stimulate the
recovery from devistating effects of the Second World War and also to impose
her political agenda.


Our main
priority is to reflect the implimantation process of the Marshall Plan and
reveal the effect of the Marshall Plan on the Western Europe.In order to do so
we start with explaining the general lines of the Mashall Plan by showing the
allocation and usages of the Marshall Plan funds,the first visible effects of
the plan on the recipient countries economies.In this part of the article we
inserted the views and the results of the prominent Works about the Marshall
Plan.On the second part of the article we concentrated on the implementation of
the Marshall Plan through the titles “Marshall Plan and The Private
Investment”,”The Marshall Plan and The Publis Investment” and ” The Marshall
Plan and Bottlenceks and Foreign Exchange Constraints”

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On the final
part, we focused on the immediate and the outgoing effects of the Marshall Plan
by investigating the creation of the OEEC which was eventually transfromed to
OECD and the process led to the “Integration of Europe” ,which shaped the last
5 decades of the continent via political and economic cooperation of the
European countries.



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