James Madison was a very confident and brave man. He was born in 1751. Madison was the fourth president and the oldest of his twelve siblings. He and his eleven siblings were raised in Orange County , Virginia. Five of Madison’s siblings died young. His father was a successful planter and owned more than 3,000 acres of land and dozens of slaves. Later James Madison went to a boarding school. While he went to that school he studied geometry, algebra, and the history of other nations. After a while his father had him stay home and receive private tutoring because he was concerned about Madison’s health. In 1769 he went to college. The college that James Madison went to was the college of NewJeresy now known as Princeton University. He graduated in 1771 but he stayed longer to continue his studies. He was elected Orange County safety committee in December , 1774. In 1776 he met Thomas Jefferson and they began a lifelong friendship.A Little after 1777 he appointed to the Governor’s Council. He said yes and soon was Governor’s Council. In 1780 James Madison went to Philadelphia as one of Virginia’s delegates to the Continental Congress reworking some of the language about religious freedom. James Madison was a supporter for the separation of church. He helped get past Virginia’s Statute for Religious Freedom. In 1787 Madison helped Virginia at the Constitutional Convention. He helped the delegates come to an agreement on the Constitution with his great compromising skills.He also to detailed notes during the Constitutional Convention.Since Madison wrote the Constitution and strongly believed in it he got the name Father of our Constitution. James Madison was 85 and unfortunately died. He died on his tobacco plantation in ┬áVirginia. Madison is best remembered for his critical role in the Constitutional Convention in 1787 , though his family remembers him for his strongness and kindness toward if not all most people.


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