am writing to apply for the position of
Decision Scientist Associate with your company as advertised on company’s


am pursuing Masters of Economics from Panjab University, Chandigarh and I am
keen to develop my career in the field of Data analysis. I have always been a
numbers person, with exceptional statistical and econometrics skills with basic
knowledge of computer skills. I know basics of C, SQL, HTML and various
statistical packages such as R, SPSS. I am also pursuing The Analytics Edge
course from EDX.

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the variables in the world share economic relationships being an econometrics
student I like to explore these relationships, and translate data into model
and model into stories. In the age of big data, these stories become solutions.

Further these solutions are used to form various business strategies.


a personal front, I am detail-oriented, organized, problem solver and a
critical thinker. I’m fluent in language of numbers and have strong communication
skills with a bent for clear and illuminating presentation. I really enjoy
being part of a motivated team of smart people.

strongly believe that an opportunity of working at ZS Associates would prove to
be great experience for me and I will add significant value to your team.


I'm Jamie!

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