NHTV Breda University of applied Sciences total 33 students participated in
this survey questionnaires at different major tourist’s places in Amsterdam,
the location include Central Station, Dam Square, Anne Franks House, Rijksmuseum,
Van Gogh museum, Vondelpark, Natural Artis Magista (ZOO), Madam museum and
Heineken experience under the guidance of Dr. Ondrej Mitas, every student was
well informed how to collect the questionnaires and also a priority was given to the researchers to choose their
location and time.  In October 2017 total
of 270 questionnaires was collected in few weeks over the daytime and also the
researchers are able to collect their questionnaires during the weekdays and
weekends. The sample size complied with non-probability process as defendants
to be surveyed had to meet certain criteria such as he or she should be a
visitor in Amsterdam and must know English and willing to fill the

were instructed no to talk about any kinds meaning of the words or questions to
the respondents but researchers were informed to talk about the purpose of the

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