Guardians noticed. We do like teamwork, though and prefer

Guardians are known as conservators, those that seek security, and are very detailed. We are often doctors, government officials, and in other institutional positions because we are well organized, prefer systems and procedures, and like validation. We tend to be practical and quite frugal, and do not want to be wasteful. We are okay with missing out on current pleasures for future stability and success. Because of our fondness for the values mentioned above we can sometimes be too serious.Motivations that help us to do our “best work” include being able to provide direction, being given clear goals and issues to resolve, and being clear about the responsibilities of each person in our group (MBTI Team Building Program).Our leadership style is demonstrated by how we run efficient and focused meetings, clarifying how each person will participate, and providing clear direction. We can be hard to work with when we feel that others talk too much, waste time, and when we feel like others are not following through on their word. In addition, we can become stressed when those around us do not follow established norms. For example: rules being broken, expectations missed, etc. We can also feel stressed when we do not think that our hard work is being noticed. We do like teamwork, though and prefer to challenge the group to provide input when needed and push their personal limitations to improve not only the group but themselves as well.We like to be managed, and are managed most effectively, when there are clear and defined goals. To hit those goals, we also want there to be procedures and clear measures of success. It can be a pleasure to work with us because our self-esteem is largely derived from our dependability. This means we’re going to do our best to deliver on our word. As you would expect, we value a strong work ethic. However, we tend to be a little on the aggressive side when it comes to working in groups and will rub some group members the wrong way by taking over the group from time to time. As everyone knows it can be very difficult to work with a leader that prefers complete control of the group as opposed to a true group environment. Allowing others to have more of a leadership role or feel as though they have more power in decision making instead of taking complete control of the group is something that could be improved upon.Guardians are easy to critique because they are very open to facts and logic. If there are clearly stated opposing viewpoints with sound logic behind them it is easy for us to take those viewpoints into consideration and admit when we are wrong or how we could improve.Judge Dredd is a funny, and good, example of a guardian. Sylvester Stallone’s version is famous for saying “I AM THE LAW!” This is because guardians are very much about upholding the law, and as mentioned above, we seek security. Because guardians like systems and procedures, the occupation of policeman is perfect.Another good example of a guardian is George Washington, the first president of the United State of America. He was practical, exceedingly loyal, believed in institutions, and was a military man (where clear responsibilities and duties are abundant). In the end he held the highest institutional position in the USA.


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