I the intricacies of logarithms and hordes of other

    I come from a humble background with no
silver spoon in the mouth. So I learnt from young that I have to study hard to
get a good grades. Along the way , it is not just working hard on what I should
study it is actually more important to study smart .Who you know is as
important as what you know .My upbringing has taught me to be resourceful as
well, which I found to be  very important
to achieve success. Always seek to improve oneself. The day you stop learning
or stop being complacent, you stop progressing. Another critical aspect I
learnt from my younger days is dealing with failures especially when it comes
to examination. During my primary and secondary school be in a top threes class
was very tough somehow I managed to get through all the obstacles with flying
colours. It is like a norm when you’re in top classes we compete for better
grades. In  class co-operation is the key
and required everyone to play their roles as a great team that is together
everyone achieves more.

As far back I can
crystal clear remembered, mathematics had been my first love. It still is . I
can remember reciting multiplication tables with great joy when I was primary
and secondary school and the almost perfect marks that I scored every time we
had a test. Manipulating with the symbols are even easier than with numbers
.Differentiation, integration ,solution to multiple angled trigonometrical
problems , stationary points, the square root of surds, the intricacies of
logarithms and hordes of other mind-boggling stuff never frightened me even
though it is hard. I positively revel in mathematics. The one big advantage in
being good in mathematics is that I have lots of free time. Unlike other
studying subjects, mathematics merely require the student to learn one or more
basic principles. After thoroughly understanding the principles, the student
can solve all the problems given. It is simply as that. So normally after
studying a new topic in Mathematics on my own, I would do the recommended
excercises. By the time my mathematics teacher come to the topic with the rest
of the class I would have finished it long since. My teacher knows that I have
done some reading on other subjects since I have so much free time left over
.Otherwise I help out with my fellow classmates who are weak in the subject. .
I also get much satisfaction in reading science subject. I never miss science
class. It is as much entertaining for me and I still vividly remember took part
in Glider Prototype Project for science class and achieved Top 3 for the
longest ride. We should applied the fundamental of how aircraft can fly into
this project. Flying a sailplane is probably the closest thing any human will
come to feeling like a bird. Powered only by gravity and air currents, these
gliders move silently through the sky, often for hours at a time. Because they
have no engines, gliders or sailplanes can be thought of as pure flying
vehicles, staying aloft by balancing the forces of gravity, lift, drag, and

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As you might suspect,
if you want to stay airborne for a long time, the most important force to
conquer is gravity. Lift, the force that directly opposes gravity, comes from
the force of the air on the underside of the wing. In wings, lift is controlled
by three factors: surface area, shape, and angle of attack.

To see how surface area
works, roll a piece of paper into a ball. Drop it and the paper falls. Spread
the paper out and drop it, and it will float. The greater the surface area, the
greater the amount of air pushing up on the wing.

The shape of the wing
works because of something called Bernoulli’s
Most wings are curved on the top and flat on the bottom. As the wing pushes
through the air, the air on top of the wing must move a little faster than the
air on the bottom. This creates slightly lower pressure on the top, which
allows the greater air pressure beneath the wing to push the plane up. I
discovered that in the process of growing up in secondary life makes me wanted
to be an Aircraft Engineer in the future.

I do excel in my
secondary school life which the all important SPM examinations or known as the
Malaysian Certificate of Education is for a national examination taken by all
fifth-year school students in Malaysia. I got an offer to continue into a
tertiary level education at a Admal Aviation College in a collaboration with
UNIKL MIAT ( Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology) in Diploma of
Engineering Technology in Aeroplane Maintenance for three years. I
still vividly remember my first day in college. I was so excited in meeting new
people. College felt like a liberation for me since I was far away from my
family. It was my first time to be separated from them.

It was a bit difficult
at first to be with people I never knew. I didn’t know how I should behave just
to fit in. But eventually, everything went smoothly. I met wonderful friends
whom are still my best buddies even until now. Every time we would meet up, we
will never fail to recall how we were back in college; how we were moulded to
what we are now. College is a dry run of the rest of our lives. It’s a training
ground on how to be successful and become good people. I also active in sports,
games and extra-curricular activities showed me that we can involve ourselves
in so many different kinds of activities. I realised the most people are
competitive .Very few are not. Aggressive ones normally dominate in sports and
games while the quitter ones normally spend their time in less vigorous
pursuits like reading and visiting the library. I am fortunate o be able to
strike a healthy balance between the two extremes. I am fairly good both in
games and studies .However, doing well in one’s studies is of primary importance
and it is here that the competition is the fiercest. I learned not to
underestimate others, especially the skinny little runt who cowers at the back
of classroom. He is the one who is going to knock all of us flat when the final
result come out.  

Moreover, I choose
Admal Aviation College to acquire necessary knowledge and skills to equip
myself to become a professional Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. This is the
right place for me to continue my tertiary education. In fact, this is the only
campus in the country that offers higher learning in the field of aircraft
maintenance technology. This college also own fleet of 14 aircrafts, and also
have Part 147 approved Training Organisation that is also a Department of Civil
Aviation (DCA) Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organisation .This means that
students are never too far away to apply theoretical classroom knowledge on the
field. The interesting part about my college it was the only college in
Malaysia that owns a Maintenance Repair Organisation (MRO) complies to Part 145
Approved Maintenance Organisation. Surrounded by experienced instructors,
aircraft technician, Licensed Aircraft Engineer makes the college life fun and
wonderful because hands on learning experience with INDUSTRY STANDARD tools,
workshop and REAL aircraft parts.

   During college life I was selected to be
part of the Student Representative Council (SRC) as a “Bureau of Welfare”. SRC
consists of students who are chosen to represent their fellow students and act
as a key source of communication between the student body and University. I
realised becoming a student representative enables students to develop and
strengthen my leadership skills, connect with fellow students with having their
voice heard and share experiences and participate in nationwide events. I have
been involved in several activities that is participated in “Community Service
2015” at a Kelantan during flash flood and participated in joining “Corporate
Social Society NGO Admal Aviation College 2016″ , helping the helpless and
homeless in Kuala Lumpur.


  Alongside I actives in Student Representative
Council, my friends, lecturer and families warn me not to overwork myself and
not to abandon toward my studies. As the saying goes, ” all work and no play
makes Jack a dull boy”, I ought to divide my time wisely so that I have
sufficient time for study , for play, for food, and for sleep. If I do all
these, then I should be able to pass my examination for six semesters which is
tougher it gets when it comes to the end. Above all, they tell me not to be
nervous and become a victim of “examination fever”. These are ailments of these
who do not prepare for their subjects well.


  By weighing the advices given to me by my
parents, friends, and, lecturers. I am able to come to conclusion that only
hard work from now on will do me any good. I know a better future awaits those
who possess good examination grades, and intend to be one of these people. In a
way, getting good results would be a sort of repayment to my parents and lectures
for all the dedications and care they have given me. Thus “The will to succeed”
has become my motto and by following it I know that success will come my way.
By the end of semester 5, I achieved “A” for my finally year project
“Simulation of WHEELTUG system using non aircraft parts” and successfully
graduated and nominated by college as a “Top 10 Best Performing Student for
JAN-JULY 2014 intake”.


I have completed “On Job Training” at Air Asia for six months. During
my studies, I have participated in almost the entire practical that have been
scheduled for us students. This includes analysis, testing and repairing of
aircraft parts such as engines and air frames as per (AMM) Aircraft Maintenance
Manual. I am able to complete the assigned task that have been given to me
within the required time. Besides, I am extremely analytical. I am also an
independent worker. I am able to perform work with minimum supervision
according to procedures, instructions from repairing and overhaul components to
performing relevant tests. Therefore, by given the opportunity, proper guidance
and exposed to work with real life aircraft was a great experience and I found
this enjoyable because of it is hands on nature.


After graduation from
aviation college , I’m currently working as a Maintenance Technician Railway
MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) at CRRC Kuala Lumpur Maintenance. The
reason why I am  working in this field
because Malaysia embarking on a progressive journey towards a more efficient
public transport system in railway to reduce road congestion and satisfy the
citizens needs. As a rail engineering technician I have do task on servicing on
train engines and electrical systems. As a rookies in rail engineering
technician , I have been surrounded by great people who is willing to share
their hands on skills and knowledge and train me in basic engineering craft
skills in a workshop too. During doing my tasks working on maintenance tasks
was under the supervision of experienced engineers and technician to make sure
the fundamental that we need to alert all the time is about safety because
dealing with current is not the easiest thing to do it was related with our
life. Safety does not come with lucky. It has to be prepared. In this field it
is main business and MRO service for railway vehicle, and  R&D, design,manufacture,repair,technical
services for railway rolling stock, EMUs, Urban Rail Transit vehicles
,engineering machinery  and all types of
electrical equipment. I have been undergoing classroom and on the job training
when I was accepted to be in this company and there is daily inspection, weekly
maintenance and monthly maintenance , MRO of sic car sets (SCS).


Summing up, I would say
that my education had been worthwhile. I may not be the ideal student that
would make an educationist happy but I know I am not a washout either. In my
heart that the experience in school and college life were priceless. What I am
today is the direct result of my education. The very fact that I can express my
views on paper as I am doing now should vouch for the worth of my education.
And to mention that the demand for such expertise is high as railways continue
to expand and play an important role in Malaysia.




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