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Best practices in healthcare

The experience that a patient comes from the healthcare facility with will greatly inform the return or otherwise of the patient to get the same or different service from the same facility. One of the most valued yet ignored experiences that patients look for within the healthcare facilities is the individualized services, yet this remains a challenge (Katie Johnson, 2014). Benchmarking from corporations that have achieved high scores in the individualized services has proven to be the best approach in minimizing the chances of losing repeat clients. Many clients who walk into healthcare facilities expecting not only t have their disease correctly diagnosed and medication prescribed, but also to obtain the empathy of the nurses. This empathy is experienced through the personalized attention that the client gets within the hospital and even more importantly the follow up thereafter once they are at home taking the prescribed doses. There is an expectation of the patient that he needs to be called by the doctor and his whereabouts followed up. However, this never happens from many healthcare facilities or even consulting specialists. This can be changed by following the examples from the counselling psychologists who often follow up on the welfare of their patients. If this kind of follow up is applied to the healthcare services, then patients will feel the personalized care and often think of the particular center before any other.

2. The revolutionary war

The revolutionary war was fought in 1775 to 1783 in a bid to ensure that America was freed from the colonialism of the Britain and ultimately it saw the U.S.A. get its independence. One of the most outstanding issues that compelled America to pursue their freedom was the over-taxation from Britain. The over taxation came from the fact that Europe incurred huge debts from the war they had with India and West Indies and the American colonies were seen to be the best sources of settling the huge debt.

The British army at that time had the weakness of not being well trained and the number of regiments was reduced by the parliament since the French and Indian war. There was also a problem in recruitment into the American regiments and the training was also not efficient hence the efficiency was wanting. During peace times the trainings were hardly ever done and field days were also never conducted or limited…

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