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Katelynn Wulff


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            Nobu is a fusion Japanese restaurant and hotel that is in
several other cities and will now be expanding to Atlanta. I like that this
restaurant is not like other chains and expand from city to city. But instead, the
Nobu CEO Trevor Howell said that they only expand to places that they believe
“fits with the Nobu consumer”. What is cool about this restaurant is that its
brand was founded by three guys including the chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Meir Teper,
and Robert De Niro. I think it’s awesome that Robert de Niro is a founder of
this restaurant because he works in the film industry as an actor, producer, and director. Which
Howell said that they choose Atlanta because Atlanta’s film industry is what
attracted him and that Atlanta the “4M market”. It’s a “4M market because of
all the attractions that are they like “music, movies, models/retail, and
media”. Howell also said that even when he was flying in he saw that most of
the people in the first class had a script in hand which shows that the movie
industry plays a big role in Atlanta. But even though they love the role that
the movie industry plays they will not rely on Hollywood to like the new
location but instead they will rely on the locals. Which shows that they don’t
want to force it on the community but instead they what the community to
embrace it on their own and to “turn it into a destination”. I like that they
are relying on the locals instead of relying on Hollywood because they were
drawn to this city because of it bombing film industry. But it shows that they
have a lot of respect for what the community thinks which is a good thing for a
company to have.



Katelynn Wulff

Film Industry Compare to the rest of the World”

            It was amazing to see that neither the United States or
China wasn’t even close to India in producing featured films. The charts in the
article that’s on the second page of the print out show that India towering
over US and China and many other countries. While China and US were only making
about 750 featured films India was making almost 2000 featured fills which is
almost 3 times more them US and China. India also has the most cinema-goers
than China or any other country. Which is weird because China has more people
in their country then India.  With India
having a population of about 1,309 million and China with 1,397 million which
means China has 88 million more the India. According to the chart on page 3 of
the print out India had 2,016 million admissions while China only had 1,260
million which is astonishing because China has so many more people. Even though
India had more cinema-goers they were 4th in the box office
earnings. With America towering over China, Japan and India with 11.4 billion
dollars, China with 6.6 billion dollars, Japan with 2 billion dollars and India
with 1.9 billion dollars. I liked this article a lot because you would never
think that India would have more moviegoers and produce so many more movies
then US and China because you never hear about them. How could have thought
that a place with a smaller population could draw more people to the cinema
than a country with a bigger population it’s crazy to think about.





Katelynn Wulff


            After reading up on this topic to learn more about the
movie Padmavati by Sanjay Leela
Bhansali. It’s a movie about a 13th-century
Rajput queen of Chittor. It made an uproar in the film industry and
many people are for it and many people are against it. In earlier articles, I
saw one saying that five film industry were going to protest because they
believe that the movie should be released and that we have the right to release
it and that it would be an attack on their freedom. But this article I learned
both sides of the argument and that most people believe that this is a way for
“a political party to destroy the freedom
to express ourselves”. While other people were saying that they didn’t like the
“distortion of history”.  Captain Amarinder Singh said that
you can’t twist the facts of history and that “nobody had the right to distort history… Those feeling hurt by distortion of
facts have the right to protest”. I believe both sides have a point in this
case. I am a very creative person and If someone told me that I could put out
my artwork because they felt like it wasn’t appropriate I would be angry too.
Though I do hate when people try to change the facts of something to make
something seem more interesting I still feel like t should be released and if
they don’t like then they just don’t have to watch it.






Katelynn Wulff


This has
been all over the news for months which is really drawing attention to the
issue of sexual misconduct. There have been many women coming out against a lot
of men that carry power. One of those men is Louis C.K which five women have
come out against him and has said that he has masturbated in front of them.
Because of this, they have stopped the release of his movie “I Love You, Daddy
that he wrote, produced, directed and played in. they stopped the release right
before it was supposed to hit the big screen. He even was let go from the TV
shows he was associated with like Better
Things, One Mississippi, The Cop and Baskets” show that both FX Networks and FX Productions have made
with him. He will also “no longer serve as executive producer or receive
compensation on any of the four shows”. Which I believe is the right thing to
do. If I had him associated with anything I wouldn’t what his name anywhere
near me. Which makes it worse when he says that the stories weren’t lies and
that they were true so you can’t even justify why he shouldn’t be off the show.
At least he didn’t deny it which make the women feel like they got their word
out there and that other women can to which is why so many powerful men are
going down.






Katelynn Wulff

Bring Down the Production Cost

This article is about Ramaboss, the founder
of PMK, and he thinks that movies should be cheaper to make and believe that
the film industry should debate on it. He also said that you should be able to
“approach banks for financing rather than relying on moneylenders” (Film-makers should bring down). Which I believe should happen if you want
to make a movie that you should be able to go to a bank for financing to do it
especially if you a small producing company. Ramadoss did make a good point
though he said that “The film industry is not about just a few producers,
directors and actors. Many families depend on it for their livelihood. So, the
industry should be run like a business and not like a betting industry” (Film-makers should bring down). Which makes sense, but at the same time
it is a betting industry because you don’t know if the movie is going to do
good or not. Ramadoss said that most producers have been trying to make more
money for the stars rather than the content. Which is true if you watch any
movie nowadays most of them have a famous person in it. Then plaster their name
everywhere on the advertising because they know that more people will go if
they have a person everyone likes. Which makes sence because just the other day
I rented a movie that had Zac Efron in it and I didn’t care for the movie but I
still gave it a 6 out of ten because it had him in it.





Katelynn Wulff

Code of Conduct

wants to set up a code of conduct that will try to end the sexual harassment
that is in the film industry all over the news. So many men are being brought
down and so many women are coming out because they feel safer now. The Canadian
film industry wants to make sure that everyone is feeling safe about coming out.
So, they want to create a better “more
effective reporting mechanisms and supports” so
they can feel comfortable (Vlessing). Which I believe it would be a good thing because some
of the women on the new waited years to come out and maybe if they had and
better support system in the film industry they wouldn’t have been scared about
coming out. One woman Mia Kirshner said that she wasn’t protected when she came
out about Harvey Weinstein and that she still is scared to talk about other
sexual predators. She would like to see the Canadians actor union “create
the gold standard for how complaints of sexual harassment and abuse are handled
in the workplace’ (Vlessing). I believe that this would be a good step forward for
the Canadian movie industry and would hopefully help these women feel safer.
Even though it sometimes it doesn’t stop it completely maybe now people will
think twice about sexual harassment.






Katelynn Wulff


            Maryland is growing in the film industry with 78 films
and five TV shows one of them being House
of Cards. The number of movies and TV shows being shot in Baltimore is
growing. This is because Baltimore is right next to Washington D.C. Washington
has a lot of regulations about what you can film and what you can’t because of
the security. So, if they can’t shoot it there they would just go to Baltimore
and film it there because it’s so close. Also, they say that it is least
expensive than shooting in Washington. So, why would you want to spend more if
you can save money in another state especially if you have a low budget film
and get basically the same outcome without as strict regulations. Kaltenbach said, that they have a lot of “Caterers, electricians, casting agents all the people you
would need to shoot a film or shoot a television show, we have them here in the
area” (Miller). Which is good if you hire locally because then they know the
area and a good place to shoot a certain scene. While also bring jobs to
Baltimore to the article stated that they “hired over 1,000 Maryland
technicians and actors, according to a December 2016 report from the Maryland
Department of Commerce” (Miller). Which I believe is a good thing if you would
like to shoot there then hiring their people would be good because it will save
you a lot of money on flites which means for money for production. Which most
likely means a better movie. But the film industry also helps them with their
tourism and in the article, they talk about how and the movie the Wedding
Crashers came out a lot of people started calling the Inn at Perry cabin to
have their wedding there.  So, it also
helps the businesses because of the film industry.


Katelynn Wulff

Group Films

            Global group does everything pretty
much. It does “banking, property investment, financial services, education,
media and entertainment, gaming and telecommunication. Global Group Films has
grouped up with “Dadi Century Films (Beijing) Co., Ltd and Mei Ah Film
Production Co, Ltd in a mainland China/Hong Kong” to co-produce the movie Theory of Ambitions. The big budget
blockbuster will be directed by Philip Yung, who is an award-winning director
and according to the article is though of as “the new hope of Hong Kong Film
industry”. He is known as this because of all his successes one of them being
his award-winning film at many festivals called Port of Call. The movie Theory
of Ambitions will also feature Asia’s biggest movie stars Tony Leung and
Aaron Kwok. This will be the first time they would work together which will be
very interesting to see how well they can fit together. I think this movie will
have a lot of opportunities with the amount of film companies that are on it.
If they invest their money right in this movie it could make a lot more money
in the long run. It just matters if they put their money in the content and its
imagery. I believe this movie will also be a success because they have well-known
movie stars that can play the parts they need. China’s film is growing everyday
and its already big and that why global films labels Midland China an important
film market. Also, China’s cinemas have grown a lot and the number of cinemas
in China is more then what United States has. This movie will do especially
well because of the booming film market in China.  


Katelynn Wulff

in Films

            Every time you watch a film you will always see at least
one-person smoking. I believe that it shouldn’t be portrayed in movies. Smoking
is a nasty habit it gets into and I believe that it should be taking out of the
movies. I was watching a show just the other day and it had a kid that was like
8 years old smoking and that’s not okay. People smoking in films makes kids,
teens adults think its cool. The article says, that the senator Nadine Grelet-Ceertenais
has started a debate about getting rid of smoking in films. It also says that
they used smoking if films as a way to “kill time”. They say that most French
movies have done this and one of the best movies that portray smoking is a French
film called À Bout de Souffle which
opens with the main character smoking while he’s driving and throughout the
whole hour and a half movie he is constantly smoking. Even the last scene as he
falls the smoke flows out of him. I think they should cut smoking out of cinemas.
Nowadays smoking is not as popular and it’s a good thing but it is still
portrayed in movies. I know they will never be able to cut it out completely
because in some movie where there’s a bad guy or a drug dealer. They will
always have them smoking to portray that their not a good person. Which makes
sense but I don’t condone smoking in any sense in movies because kids and teens
think its cool.





Katelynn Wulff

Box Office

            A lot of movies came out so far in 2017 but right now in
the for the yearly 2017 box office the top three are Beauty and the Beast, Wonder
Woman, and Guardians of the Galaxy
Vol. 2. Out of though those 3 I have only seen one of them and that was Beauty and the Beast which was really
good. What was cool about it was that I never watched the original movie so I
had nothing to compare it. I did have a slight understanding of the movie
because my friend told me the basic summary of the original but I still was so
amazed by the story line and the way they told it. Its amazing to see how much
more a movie makes over another movie. The Beauty
and the Beast made a little less than 100 thousand more the Wonder Women did. Which is crazy because
it based off of a children’s movie. But it did generate a lot with kids and
teen and some adults because it was a family-friendly movie. While looking
through this list of box office movies of 2017 I did notice that I haven’t seen
a lot of these which really makes me want to go to the movies more. I also
noticed that a lot of the movies on this list are sequels to previous movies.
like Cars 3, Despicable Me 3, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and
Daddy’s Home 2. Which everyone knows
that the first one is always the best one. But you’re defiantly going to see
the sequel because you liked the first one so much that you have to go see the
second one.  It amazing to see how the
box office can change every week and who know maybe next week Beauty and the beast will be bumped down
to second-ranked of the year because the years not over yet.



Katelynn Wulff

Movie Theater Stocks

can be the one to say that I never go to the movie theater anymore unless its
something that I can’t wait to see. I’m the type of person who waits until it’s
on DVD and I can get it from the red box at the Walmart where I work. I am also
the one who doesn’t have cable in their house because all I need is Wi-Fi
because I have Netflix and I can just
wait for the show to come on there. But if I really want to watch a show that’s
not on Netflix I would just ask my
mom for her Time Warner Cable app sign on and I would watch it through that. So
I can see why AMC and Regal stocks were at their 52-week low. What amazes me is
that people still decided to invest in them even when they were low. But I
totally understand because when you’re down there’s nowhere to go but up and
that what AMC and Regal are trying to do. They are trying to figure out ways to
get people to the movies. One way that AMC will do that is they want to start
selling movie related merchandise. I have been for years that every movie
theater should do this. It makes sense,  it’s like going to a concert you always have
to buy a tee shirt for a memento so why not do that with a movie you loved. Cinemark
also want to try a monthly subscription service like Netflix but instead you
pay a certain amount a month and you can go to the movies whenever. This is a brilliant
idea, I like that it will be cheaper then a regular priced movie ticket and it
will give people a reason to go out every month. Which will lead to people
buying popcorn, snacks, and candies. Which leads to more money for their company.





Katelynn Wulff


            This is what I’ve been waiting forever to see when movie
are less then ten  dollars to go see. This
was made possible from the service MoviePass.
MoviesPass charges you $9.95 a month
for the subscription and lets a person go to a movie once a day. Which in the
United State a movie ticket cost about 14 dollars which saving money will make
more people interested in this service.  I
believe that this is a smart idea because if people are paying for the
subscription it will make them want to go so they don’t waste their money. Also
because there going it can get the movie industry more money because they will
most likely want to go with friends and what if they don’t have the
subscription. This is a big thing for the movie industry because its kind of
like Netflix but instead of movies that have been out forever or having to wait
forever to see it. You pay monthly and you can go see a brand new movie right
in theaters and get the whole experience of the movie. It would be nice if it
could be in every movie theater because I would really get people interested in
this service if they could use it anywhere. Which is why it’s not a surprise that
so many industry leaders are jumping on board because it’s what I believe is the
future of the movie industry.






Katelynn Wulff

Vegas Shooting

            The Las Vegas shooting just like any shooting was a great tragedy that effected
everyone. So many people were many people injured and there were many people who
passed away. Just like every time a shooting happens the world comes together to
help those in need. Some of those people who reached out were actors and
important people. For respect of the of the people you were effected by the
shooting the One Road Films said that they would stop the premier of Marshal and only did the “private screening
of the film for the cast, filmmakers and
invited guests”.
Also, Warner Bros. Pictures, Sony Pictures, and Alcon Entertainment also deiced to cancel the premiere and red carpet for
the movie Blade Runner 2048. I
think this is a beautiful way to respect the people who were effected by the tragedy.
I think it is awesome that even the movie industry would come together to help
people even though lose out on money because the respect for this tragedy means
way more than any amount of money they would have made. The movie has a big
impact on everything and it defiantly draws more attention to something if a
lot of people are doing it. This was a tragic day in history that will forever
be remember and all the people how have past will always be in our hearts.   






Katelynn Wulff


            The film
industry is one industry that can help any city or state reach their financial
goal and that’s exactly what the Milwaukee film industry did. The Milwaukee fil
industry actually made more jobs for people in this region then their beer
industry has. The industry has grown by 10 percent in since 2010 to 2015 which
then doubled the growth of Milwaukee’s economy. Because of the this, they did a
survey and found out that more people moved to Milwaukee for a creative reason.
So Milwaukee is attracting young creative adults to their region to join their
workforce. They do this by having the annual Milwaukee Film festival that may
attract producers and help these filmmakers get recognized. They are also
giving the film industry support by having them promote their work and skills.
By doing this you are showing people that their work matters and that they can
make great films. I have taken video editing classes before for a college class
at Hudson Valley. They had student art show where they pick which ones they
like and they get put in the exhibit. There is nothing better than having other
people look at your work and be amazed by it. it’s amazing that Milwaukee and
other cites/states give young people the chance to be recognized. 



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