Looking at Psychology and Prejudice Term Paper



On numerous occasions, we have perceived people being treated in a different and disparaging manner simply because they emanate from a certain cultural or ethnic group and community. This is something that takes place every day and is an ongoing heated issue of debate. This is an issue that has been in place for a very long time (Cohen, 2011). Ranging from captivity of the African people to oppression of African-Americans in the United States, racism is an issue that has caused a great deal of harm, anguish and pain to numerous people in the society. The same case is still ongoing in the present day, for instance, with the United States having the “Black Lives Matter” movement due to racial actions against young black people in different states. There has also been prejudice and racism shown against individuals emanating from the Muslim community being mistreated and oppressed simply because they are associated to terrorism and jihad.

Racism can be defined as an outcome of the intricate interaction in a certain community or society of a perception that is based on race with prejudice, discrimination, and typecasting. In particular, racism can be existent in social activities and actions that offer backing to the manifestation of partiality or repugnance in prejudiced practices. There are several ways in which individuals in the society partake in racism and that is through dissimilarity in ethnic and racial background, skin color, and culture. Taking into consideration that both prejudice and racism has generated a great deal of anguish and misery throughout history, it is imperative to make an attempt to understand how these two function. Racism and prejudice both allude to a deleterious perspective of a certain group of individuals and the sole basis of their affiliation to that group. In particular, racism is a distinctive form of prejudice, which encompasses damaging attitudes or behavior towards members of an ethnic group (Cohen, 2011).

In the image shown, the theory of racism is applied in the fact that the individual behind the desk is being biased and prejudicial to the individual making an application. In particular, racism can be perceived through the difference in skin color and racial background. To be specific, the individual, assuming is making an application, is blatantly told that they do not allow individuals like him, simply owing to the fact that he is black, while the other individual is white. The main focus on this particular paper is that of racial representation and stereotypes and more so from the perspective of a black male individual. The issues of discrimination and racism have historically and also in the contemporary been deemed high profile subject matters (Cohen, 2011).

The image being analyzed shows an individual experiencing prejudice simply due to his identity. However, it is socially and ethically proper to embrace and acknowledge one’s individuality and distinctiveness devoid of any fear of what the rest of the cultures or races perceive or deem it to be. More so, the white character in the image does not give any significant or rational details as to why the black individual is not allowed. It is prejudicial to reject or deny individuals something that they have a right to, simply because they come from a certain ethnic, cultural or racial group. This can also be perceived as a form of stereotyping. This is attributing a sequence of traits to a certain individual or persons centered on the one particular trait that indicates their affiliation to a certain group. This particular black individual in the image being discussed may be facing social prejudice due to…

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