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Peace of Mind Mobile Service: Marketing Plan / Marketing Plan for Service Providing Organization Name

Describe the target market.

Identify the size of your potential target market

4 Is of Marketing

The cellphone service, Peace of Mind Mobile, is specifically designed for children. It includes features such as Internet safety measures and tracking capabilities, for parents to be worry-free when their kids use mobile phones.

Describe the target market.

The key target market for this service is parents, because of current emphasis placed by advertisers and sellers on customer brand loyalty. The advertising strategy of ‘Peace of Mind Mobile’ service inculcates in parents a feeling of security, appropriately influencing the niche market of the firm. Competent personnel skills and technology utilized by the firm also form a great means for targeting parents (Article Institutes, 2015).

Identify the size of your potential target market

Peace of Mind Mobile service has an immense potential market, comprising all parents. Individuals of the Baby Boomer era are now, typically, parents to college-going teenagers, or have little grandkids; this age group is now encountering parenthood needs, unique to the 21st century. Parents belonging to Gen X are normally drawn to services, which offer easy solutions to everyday issues, whereas Millennials — the youngest of parents today –are more responsive to emotional advertisements and well-being-enhancing services. The mobile service, Peace of Mind Mobile, is capable of catering to all generations of parents by ensuring child security through leveraging of internet safeguard and tracking capabilities (Article Institutes, 2015)

SWOT analysis


Design and Innovation

Ability to emotionally influence parents

Ability of marketing the brand

Internet Safeguard and Tracking capability

Trained, and competent employees available at all times of the day to offer help


Profit margin is extremely low

Key rivals are the largest businesses

Training is expensive


Expanding cellphone services advertising sector

Increasing demand for high-quality app processors


Rapid advancements in technology

Falling service production margins

The above table proves that Peace of Mind Mobile has great assets in the form of design and innovation, capacity to emotionally affect parents, capacity for brand marketing, Internet Safeguard feature and tracking capability, as well as 24/7 customer service, and staffed with well-equipped, competent personnel. There are many opportunities for the company, emerging from the budding ad industry in mobile services, and increasing market demands for high-quality application processing chips; these will subsequently lead to increased demands for the firm’s offering, and improve profitability. The company, however, needs to direct its key focus towards its weaknesses, and endeavor to increase profit margins. This can be done by drawing in more clients by means of satisfactory service. Additionally, the organization must closely watch any changing trends in technology, success patterns, and reasons for consumer brand switching for maintaining customer loyalty and making stable profits.


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