Maturity:I server I’ve been staff on I’ve been fully

Maturity:I know that most 14 year olds aren’t the most mature but I view myself as very mature for my age. I always respect players and I never act immature. I’m always acting my age and never less.Forums:I know for a fact that as a staff member you are required to do much more then just in-game work. I know that the forums are also a big part of the community. I am very active on the forums and I plan to always be. I know that a lot of stuff is announced on the forums aswell and I feel like it is a cool way for players to interact with the community.Teamspeak:Most of the time when I’m playing SOTW on HCF Servers I always go into teamspeak and see the support rooms full of players. Like I said earlier I know that staff have many other jobs other then teamspeak but I am very active and teamspeak. As long as I’m in there I am always able to help players out.Activity:I feel like this is one of the large advantages I have over other applicants. I know that with the school year coming up for some people they aren’t able to be so active, but I can guarantee I can stay active throughout the school year. I feel like this is a very important trait for a staff member to have and this is one of the main things that makes a good staff member.Respect:I know for a fact that a lot of people aren’t respected when they should be in the overall HCF community. I respect all players and staff at all times. I don’t care about players past’s, I just care about their present. I never disrespect anyone even if it came down to it I’m just the type of person that would never do that.Dedication:I also feel like this is another large trait a staff member must have. If you have a staff team that isn’t dedicated to their job then it could be a total disaster for the server. Every server I’ve been staff on I’ve been fully dedicated to. If I get staff on any server all my free time instantly snaps to that server.Honesty:I know I’ve been saying this a lot and I don’t like repeating myself, but once again I feel like this is a very large part of being a staff member. I’m always honest no matter the situation and I’ll always tell the truth, even if it leads to something bad. But for me honesty is one of the main things I try to focus on as a staff member.


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