Overpopulation of those animals to manage without their habitats

Overpopulation can very much be linked to the environmental issues we face today. Even some of the most significant problems that we have and yet to find a solution to connect to overpopulation.  Deforestation is a mighty issue that we have struggled with for years and it is only getting worse overtime. According to ecology.com 250 people are born each minute and 105 people die each minute. This means that we will need to build more homes for those new people. For that we will need more land and the trees on that land will need to be cut down.  Another problem is loss of food supply. Some foods need to be grown or just generally take a long time to be made, therefore with people being born by the second we don’t have time to make enough food. FAO.org says that enough food is produce worldwide to feed everyone. Unfortunately the food isn’t shared equally. Countries like ours are receiving enough food for most people but, places like China are being overpopulated and the food isn’t reaching them fast enough.Yet another big and most definitely effective problem we face today is extinction. While we are cutting down trees to create more houses we are stripping down the habitats of the innocent creatures that once lived on that land. It would be difficult for any of those animals to manage without their habitats so, that means we’re killing the animals. Even polluting leads to extinction. It harms the animals that live underwater. Also it goes farther than habitat loss. Animals are killed to produce food for people. The more people we gain the more animals we lose. The amount of people that we are gaining is crazily affecting our planet. As you can see we face a lot of environmental issues lead by overpopulation. The fact that the problems caused by overpopulation are some of the biggest problems we have is a big deal. The earth was perfect before we got here and it’s time we change that.


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