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I’m looking out my bedroom window watching tourists taking photos of Mickey and Minnie the mouse. you could simply tell of the excitement that has built up in every single person. there’s no anxiety noticed when walking under the Walt Disney small little cartoon bridge.

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there is a  1950s jukebox placed at the heart of the grand park with songs of melodies coming from all sorts of direction, making you feel at home as soon as you enter under that Walt Disney railroads bridge.into the park of where all your dreams come true. this magical place gives us a visual representation of what the heart of America really is, Disney place the most magical place in the universe, it gives us the beauty of this magic kingdom all kept in one place: the Main Street of USA.

this magical place takes you around the world to places such as the theatre the crowd will gather their visual imagery of how the architecture looked like towards the beginning of the 20th century. the heart of America welcomes everyone of all ages and cultures this gives a lasting impression and symbolises freedom and acceptance in the heart of USA.

as you head down to a place called town square, children running around in their parks, children and parents getting greetings from the favourite Disney face goofy, Donald duck and we can’t forget the famous of all Mickey. in main street USA, a horse trolley moved around this town around roundabouts carries their lovers through the strip of main street USA.

so if you picture a red carpet with VIP walking down like they own the place, that is exactly what is happening here it’s as straight as a ruler and the main strip of USA serves as the red carpet to all the tourists in the park.

there are stores lined up on the streets, buildings that have shades of pastel and some Victorian style with features of odd shapes. there is this biggest store on the streets two stories high with white pillars supporting the building from the inside, with a clear chandelier coming down from the roof, above the entrance of the door the way it reflects off the sun when the sun hits it is magnificent lie tinkers bells pixie dust from her wings, most of the stores carry something like this with them but this two story building is a cherry on top of a cake, oh how I long to step foot into that park and experience this all for myself. 

the heart of America isn’t over yet, there is character holding balloons and I mean massive bellows of your favourite dishy faces more than a million go I day. close towards were these balloons are, there’s a restaurant that smell of luxurious food that I have never smelt before the bakery, the slightly burnt bread and the melted chocolate smell divine, the dessert also known as the ice cream parlor, with the scent of strawberry flavour merged with honey. shown by the expressions on there face it heaven. oh and the world supplies it all the burgers chips and the drink this leaves the USA tourist to have the urge for more. 

the heat of America ends at the roads of tomorrow land towards the east, Frontierland fantasy land, and liberty all located towards the north, northeast. the best part of the park is the castle sitting right on front of that conjunction road that leads to tomorrow land that everyone should be aware of it is known as the Cinderella castle its spreads its magic through the main streets as it has its strip leading the view straight towards it. 

as with all good meals you need a dessert to top it off and this Cinderella castle is the full stop to the story . as we all know this not some ordinary place, the only way out is through the streets of the kingdom this is the only part that everyone is sure of to pass twice in one day. walking under that Walt Disney overpass to exit the park the excitement  of the day cannot help but leave everyone awaiting till their next visit 


 this young girl navigates her brain to a wordless world and stepping into a new world. even though she couldn’t go and undertake this mission in having once chance in stepping foot into the heart of USA while facing many challenges she knows one day she will get there and discover all the unexpected experiences she will face one day, having that honey and strawberry ice cream, holding fairy floss in her hand and walking and taking photos with not only the outside characters but especially all the characters inside the Cinderella castle and last but not least to discover what the feeling of real fried ship is really like. but I guess it’s not her time. 


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