Problem today’s era, we have the internet that connects

Problem DefinitionThe aim of this system is to meet requirements of both business professionals and customers.  This system provides definite list of professional services to the customers and book these services on specific date and time, syncs google calendar with upcoming scheduled services and sends reminder email and sms before their appointment. On the other hand, it will allow business professionals to scale their business and get potential and authentic clients easily. It also supports a feedback system where a client can review a particular business professional service based on their experience. It will also include a virtual payment system where users can pay for their services and earn rewards for some of the achievements by the system provider. Problem DescriptionIntroduction    There was a time when bookings were made through calls or you have to be physically present to book rooms at hotels or call carpenter to fix a minor issue with furniture and follow up overhead was high like confirmation call, schedule change call, cancellation calls etc.But, in today’s era, we have the internet that connects people from all over the world. The internet has become the primary source of information for people. With the invent of online booking systems it became easy for business professionals to provide their service to people over the internet. These services provided over the internet decreases the follow up overheads as customers will find it easier to login and change schedule of booked services according to their conveniency. How will the system function?        This system will have 2 different profiles – one for business professionals and other for customers and correspondingly different privileges and functionalities will be provided to both the profiles which are listed below.         1) Customer ProfileREGISTRATION A very first step of using this system is customer registration by entering few basic details like username, password, email, phone number, work/home address etc. or can login through google and only have to enter work/home address. Once registration is done customers can login through their credentials for further use. Customers will have their own profile page where all the details used for registration will be present and have a personal wallet which will be used for payments (like a virtual currency). Customers will be rewarded a ‘registration bonus’ of fixed amount in their wallet on their first registration. Customers will also have a rating which will also be visible on their profile page describing behaviour of customer with the business professionals who are appointed to work at their place or due to any circumstances bargains in predetermined payment or harms payment policy in any way. Rating of a customer will be given after each appointment by the business professional who completed the appointed task.BOOKINGOn the booking page there will be a list of categories of professional service like home and furniture, Electronics, sports equipments etc. required by the customer. In a particular category there will be a list of services provided within that domain like furniture repair in home and furniture category, TV repair in Electronics Category, Gym equipments repair in sports equipment category. As the user selects a specific type of service required in a main category a list of best and authentic professional service providers in that particular domain will be listed. Customers will have filter options to manage their requirements well enough like sort according to the nearest service provider, service provider with best reviews and rating, sort service providers according to their service charge etc. The service is categorized into two different types namely regular and heavy. The details of the two categories will be present on the system which includes type of work included in the regular service type and heavy service type like fixing of switches or electrical boards are regular service type and fixing a ceiling fan or air conditioner are heavy service type. The service providers will have different rates for different type of services and will be charged on hourly basis. Customer can view details like ratings, service charge etc. on the list of service providers. When a customer makes up his mind to continue with a particular service provider to fulfil their requirements they will enter details like date, time, type of service required, number of hours service is required etc. and book the appointment will be scheduled and the business professional will receive a notification of a new appointment to plan their resources accordingly and a SMS and email will be sent to the customer as well as business professional about the appointment scheduled along with all the necessary details. The SMS and email will consist of a OTSC (One Time Security Code) which will provide customers from an unknown and unprofessional person in their work/home space. Customers can confirm the security code and allow the person to provide the required service. COMPLAINT    PAYMENT After service is provided by the professional, customer can pay with the wallet provided in the system, cash, use payment service provided by paytm, use credit/debit cards or net banking. The system will also introduce a voucher redeem scheme in which customer can use voucher codes and earn rewards or offer discounts on their payments. REVIEWCustomers will review by rating and commenting on their experience of the service provided by the professional which will be helpful to other users on making their decisions about choosing a particular service provider for their requirements. Business professionals who provided service to a customer will review by rating the customer on the basis of their experience while providing the service. The rating will be based on behaviour of customer, not agreeing on service charge according to quotation etc.HISTORYThe service used by the customer will be recorded in a history page of a customer where customer can look up previously used services along with details like business professional service, service type, total service charge etc.2) Business ProfessionalsREGISTRATIONFirst step for business professionals to use this system and scale their business is to register their firm on the system. A registration form has to be filled by a business professional which requires a basic details like Name, password, Business name, email, phone number, company size, industry, address etc. The business professional will also have to fill up details regarding service charge on time basis be it hourly or anything depending upon time they require. This service charge rates will act as quotation to the customer employing your service.  Once registration is done business professionals can login with credentials. Every registered business has a profile page where customers can find all basic details entered by the business professional during registration. It also includes a review section where different customers reviews the service provided by the professional is displayed. A cumulative rating on the basis of reviews of the customers are displayed on the profile. Business professional has a personal wallet where the payments are received on the services provided.APPOINTMENTAs a service of a business professional is booked by a customer a notification will come to the account which will be with all the necessary details of the customer along with service required by the customer. This notifications will help the business professional to allocate resources to manage the resources and meet the requirements of the customer. As soon as the resources are managed by the professional, the customer will be informed via SMS and email about the details of the staff members like Name, Phone Number etc. who will complete the scheduled booking by the business professional. If due to any reason the business professional won’t be able to meet the requirements of a customer due to various reasons like lack of manpower, clash of appointments etc. the customer will be called on the phone number given in the details and will be informed about the issue so that customer can reschedule the appointment or cancel it and appoint some other firm. This procedure of appointment helps in no hassles and the process continues smoothly.RESOLVE ISSUESOne of the most important concern for a business professional is customer satisfaction. Having said that, the business professional has to work for customer satisfaction and one of the ways is to resolve issues of the customer. If a customer has any complaint about the service provided to them they will contact the business professionals. The role of business professional is to take the complaint seriously and help the customers in their problem following terms and conditions of their business.


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