Sallallahu Funeral prayer, a collective obligation on Muslims (see

Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam (S.A.W.) A phrase, translated as ‘Peace be upon him’, which is often said by Muslims on hearing the Prophet Muhammad’s name. The phrase also appears in text, in parentheses, after a mention of the Muhammad, The Prophet or any other version of his name or title. Because ‘Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam’ would take up many lines of text about Muhammad or Islam, it is often shortened to ‘SAW’ or ‘S.A.W.’ when written, or where the readership and text are English, ‘PBUH’, ‘P.B.U.H.’, ‘pbuh’ or ‘p.b.u.h.’ can be written. The first mention of either the English or Arabic version of the phrase might be written out in full, being abbreviated thereafter.

samsarah A brokerage agency.

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saqada Voluntary charity, as opposed to zakat.

Sarah Abraham’s first wife.

sarah, al- The release of a marital commitment, a divorce.

sareeh, sarih A clear or direct form of speech.

sarf A currency exchange. There are many rules surrounding currency exchanges in Islam because it can potentially be a source for profiteering either by charging interest for the transaction or by being dishonest about exchange rates, both of which would be forbidden in Shariah.

Satan The English word for the devil, taken literally from the Hebrew for ‘adversary’. In Islam it is used more generically to describe evil spirits. It is said that during the month of Ramadan, observers are immune from Satan’s ill effects.

satat al-janazah Funeral prayer, a collective obligation on Muslims (see fard, ahkam).

Saudi Arabia A modern-day nation in the Middle East; home to many holy places in Islam, particularly those visited by the Prophet Muhammad himself. The nation takes up the majority of the Arabian Peninsula.

S.A.W. Abbreviated form of Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam, often seen written after the Prophet Muhammad’s name or any of its equivalents are written in text. In English the phrase translates to ‘Peace be upon Him’, and is similarly abbreviated to ‘PBUH’ or some similar variant.


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