Sustainability: certification. This building offer recycling, electric vehicle charging,


Sustainability refers to a reasonable construction that are environmentally
and resource efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle from location to
design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition.

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Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the
present without compromising the ability of future

Sustainable future:

My vision of a sustainable
future is when citizen are more concerned about the environment. It will only
happen when different groups from industries, environment, schools, business,
governments and the public come together and work towards a common vision of
sustainability for our communities and balancing the needs of human and natural
systems. When I think of a sustainable future, I think of my successors and I
hope that they’ll live in a world where clean water and clean air have not
become a scarcity. If sustainability means correcting some of the mistakes of
the past and if there is a real commitment to do so, I’d like to think it’s
possible that a cleaner future awaits us.




The mills building, located at 220 Montgmery Street, SF,
California. This building provides both small and large businesses in the heart
of the San Francisco. The mills building
has been continuously owned by the wig company for more than 63 years and it
has received LEED certification in 2012, gold rating later on changed to
platinum rating after building owner updated its plumbing systems, introducing
green cleaning system , indoor air quality is enhanced and low energy lighting
and automatic lighting features.

Sustainable features:

This building was designed
long before LEED is founded but has secure LEED platinum rating for improved
environmental and human health performance. It is believed that it is only
multitenant building to carry LEED’s highest certification. This building offer
recycling, electric vehicle charging, composting a bike racks.


Recycling in your suite

Paper recycling

Aluminum cans and
glass bottles


Electric vehicle recharging

Enhanced indoor air quality

Low energy lighting

Automatic lighting system


Food scraps

Food related paper

Waxed cardboard, milk
and juice cartons

containers only with green label

Paper towels in the
restrooms are collected as compost

Bike racks for tenants, free of cost

E-waste disposal by green citizen within building


Task # 03:

the current environmental condition of MUST campus, there should be trees along
all sides of campus ground and bin at different spots. Also there should be
bicycle acks to improve air quality and introduce cycles trend in our
university to create a healthy and better enviroment. Moreover in every lawn
outside respective department there should be evergreen trees. Parking is a
main issue in our campus, we can improve it as already stated that bike racks
are placed so to over come parking issue. There should be atleast two flowerpot
in each classroom and atleast in each office as it enhance the workability of a
person and have positive impact on human health. Plumbing system should be
improved as to save water. Hostel water heater should on solar system to save
energy. Automatic LED light should be used through out campus. Recycling is an
important sustainable feature so there should be some sort of recycling box
along with bins.


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