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The accused person I decided to write on is Rebecca Nurse. Nurse is accused of committing sundry acts of Witchcraft and thereby causing hurt to Ann Putnam, Anna Putman and Abigail Williams. During the examination of Nurse’s trial she presents herself as a good person. Never once did she have negative things to say about anyone. During her questioning by the judge she mentions the following “N. I can say before my Eternal father I am innocent, & God will clear my innocency.” Responding again, “N. I am innocent & clear & have not been able to get out of doors these 8. or 9. dayes.” Nurse repeatedly states she is innocent of what she is accused of. During the Salem Witch Trials there seems to be no real proof of Witchcraft. Most of it is, he say, she say. Nurse is ill in her stomach from old age during these accusations. She is in the house during the time these supposed events took place. So, it is highly unlikely that she could perform these actions. A few things that stood out about her character is her saying, “The Lord knows I have not hurt them: I am an innocent person,” “I never afflicted no child never in my life,” and “You do not know my heart.” As God is her witness, she didn’t hurt anyone, she wouldn’t hurt anyone and they don’t know the kindness of her heart. Looking at other case files Abigail Williams is involved in a few of them. She accuses other people of hurting her such as Elizabeth Proctor. Williams states that Proctor is choking her, pinching her and making her write in her book. Abigail is not a reliable source considering she is accusing multiple people of Witchcraft. Additionally, Anna Putnam is not a reliable source because she is a child and can be easily persuaded. Many people during the Salem Witch Trials followed along and claimed events were happening that sounded similar to someone else’s story. For example, many people accused Proctor of choking, pinching and making people write in her book, while none of them have proof, such as Williams. Nurse has many witnesses to vouch that her morals are good. Approximately 39 individuals signed a petition stating the following, “We whose nams Are heareunto subscribed being desired by goodman Nurse to declare what we knewe concerning his wives conversation for time past: we cane testyfie to all whom it may concerne that we have knowne her for: many years and Acording to our observation her: Life and conversation was Acording to her profession and we never had Any: cause or grounds to suspect her of Any such thing as she is nowe Acused of.” Nurse also wrote a petition expressing how the court did not judge her based off legal evidence, which is wrong. The secondary evidence of Salem Witchcraft Trials article mentions that the verdict found Nurse innocent but asked her a question and took her silence of an indication of guilt. However, she was hard of hearing. Following is her death. Later years in 1711, Nurse’s family is compensated by the government of wrongful death. Women play an important role in the Salem Witch Trials for many reasons. Most of the accused witches were women and the accusers were mostly women as well. This relates to Aristotle’s feeling about women. He feels that women lie, they do things without feeling bad and they cannot control themselves. He believes that women are more likely to sin and rebel. Women during this time would lie about the Witchcraft acts in order to get someone else killed. This relates the Puritans because they have a manual on how to figure out who was a witch. Men reported women as witches to receive a reward, causing over 100,000 women to be killed. Maybe the accusers during the Salem Witch Trials thought they would look obedient by reporting witches. Servants and orphans possibly wanted a reward for turning in a witch. Jealousy also plays an important role because some widowed would be able to own their own things and be free while married women couldn’t. Women like Anne Bradstreet could have been targeted because they wanted to challenge their role. Ultimately, many factors can be considered during this time. 


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