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The world today walks with present times spurring thoughts which spark curiosities in accordance to what the future holds. Evolution is one of the major ubiquitous powers which has been experienced and studied for the past two centuries. As the mankind’s cognitive commands broaden day by day, so do the increasing human needs. Recent scientific and technical developments have made an effective transition from passively understanding to actively mastering the idea of evolution. Today, the world is witnessing a revolutionizing upgradation in artilleries as well. From arrows and swords to booming machine guns and nuclear bombs, it has been a drastic change. Weapons like tanks and machine guns escalated the face of warfare, about a century ago. Seeing this irrevocable change in artilleries, an innumerable amount of questions surround our minds as to, ‘what would be the upcoming weapons that await us on the horizon today?’  ‘How will today’s advancement in technology affect our future battles?’    
      There’s been an armed race among many countries to prove their superiority on the battle field. Each country looks forward to grab a lead in weapon productions, and every other sphere within the technological hike. This leveling of the battlefield then leads to a breakthrough where technology gains an upper edge above everything else. Many countries are headed towards planning to induct future technologies applicable more than a decade from now, to ensure that their troops become better high-tech equipped combat machines, along with the introduction of weapon systems with longer range and lethality. The most basic and the most complex weapons have changed the course of history alike, and hence our world, enabling humans to be the ultimate predators placed at every corner in the past, fuelling the expansion of every other empire. And as the revolutions await, scientists have designed some futuristic weapons which can remarkably alter the face of warfare. These weapons would reduce the risk of casualties during military operations while increasing the ability to launch surgical and surprise attacks against an opponent, or while conducting sabotage and assassination. Following are a few technologies that are being developed and implemented to establish dominance on the battlefield.High-energy laser weapons:
The thought of laser weapons strikes with an is accompanied idea of star wars and science fictions rolling in our minds. The Laser Weapon System (LaWS), being the most recent development, proves powerful enough to shoot down rockets, artilleries, and is also used to disable small boats; unlike most other lasers which are meant to blind or shut down sensors. Travelling at the speed of light, striking over hundreds of kilometers, one LaWS currently serves the U.S. Navy; while further advancements are soon to be expected.
Space-based weapons:
The rods of gods which showcased a tremendous impact in movie G.I Joe 2, will prove to be a game changer if they are for real. The U.S and China are developing a similar kind of weapon system, just with indifferent terms, namely ‘Rods of God ‘ for the U.S., and ‘Canes of God’ for China. This terrifying weapon is expected to use kinetic energy to destroy a huge aimed area. The construction of the rod either uses tungsten, or uranium; the rod weighs ten tons and is capable of travelling at the speed of 11km/s. So if we are to calculate the amount of energy it can produce, the accurate amount will sum up to 605,000,000,000 Joules, which is 144 times of what a TNT bomb produces. As every technical fabrication has it’s advantages as well as it’s disadvantages, this weapon comes with it’s own. Due to the absence of a power source, the weapon is unable to emit electromagnetic waves, which makes the detection and interception nearly impossible. These rods will command the power of a nuclear bomb without any nuclear radiation and hence this weapon is expected to be environment friendly. The placement of these rods in definite orbits would cost a fortune, while the violation of the prohibition of satellite of weaponization by outer space treaty 1967 remains yet another obstacle, integrating the difficulty faced in the implementation of this weapon in particular, on a practical basis.
Taser shockwave:
Tasers disable people with bursts of high-voltage electricity. They disrupt voluntary control of muscles causing neuromuscular incapacitation which lasts for 30 seconds, effective enough to drop the weapon, allowing police to subdue them without lasting injury. If we imagine a line of taser to be used to take down a dozen of people, as a portable weapon this device will stand on to send out the electric shocks temporarily paralyzing the ones attacked. Even though the weapon doesn’t have a long range as hand stun guns do, it still stays commanding enough to get the job done.
Electromagnetic Railgun:
Unlike any other ginormous guns which use explosive gun powders or propellant, the railgun uses electromagnetic field to shoot bullets. The U.S Navy is all set to make new upgradations for aiming better powerful shots. It uses high electricity which generates magnetic field capable to accelerate projectile upto Mach 6(seven times the speed of sound). An electric pulse is made to pass through both rails resulting in the creation of an opposite magnetic field. Current creates a third magnetic field in the armature, which is repulsed by the field present in rails, forcing out barrels at projectiles. The U.S Navy states it to be a ship-based gun till 2020.
Sixth Generation Jet fighter:
In spite of the fact that fifth generation fighter is not yet ready for deployment, in many countries researchers are all set to develop the sixth generation fighter jet. This is a conceptual class of fighter jet able of changing the face of warfare. Russia and the U.S happen to be the only two countries to propose the prototype of these booming jets namely Mikoyan MIG-41 and Boeing F/A-XX. Working on the concept of artificial intelligence, leading to the reduction of load for the pilot, this technically equipped fighter is expected to use advanced engines which will allow longer range and offer an efficient performance. The companies involved in developing these advanced engines are General electric and Pratt & Whitney. Taking off on a normal runway it can strike anywhere in the world within two hours. This engine would carry the hypersonic craft chasing an altitude where air density and resistance are less.
Going by the rate at which the current times continue to observe the exceptional advancements in this field, the day isn’t far when these weapons will be more than just mere probabilities of possibilities, and will actually be devised into a valuable form achieving every meaningful aspect.


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