There developing the product. Stakeholders would of course also

are opportunities for reducing costs and increasing efficiencies in the markets
if value chain stakeholders work together.  The buyer/processors want to buy products of good
quality at the lowest possible price; they want large volumes that they can
provide transport for to reduce transaction costs. All opportunities to
increase systems efficiency needs to be explored in order to achieve these
market requirements all opportunities. This requires cooperation and
coordination of activities amongst value chain stakeholders.


rice, sesame, soybean and sweet potato value chain in West Nile have very
little cooperation -both horizontally or vertically. The value chains can
benefit a lot from cooperation between farmers and along the value chain
between sellers, buyers and service providers. There seem to be many shared
problems which could be overcome by helping the producers in getting better
organised. This could for example producers’ association can take
responsibility, for example, for quality certification of inputs, certification
of producers, market access and advocacy for support from government when

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lack of trust between farmers and government institutions was also reported,
that is why farmers prefer sometimes to work with district farmer association. This
is because stakeholders are missing a government role in protecting and helping
the sector concerning taxes that negatively affect the stakeholders in all
stages of the value chain. This can be mended though promoting dialogue through
enterprise specific multi-sectoral innovation platforms that takes care of
information generation and sharing among value chain actors and where
stakeholders articulate their difficulties and work with the local government
on how to resolve issues, with the joint goal of stimulating economic growth
and job creation. However, there is also a lack of initiative from the
entrepreneurs to look for solutions for the sector whether through creating
coordination mechanisms or through developing the product. Stakeholders would
of course also need to understand and appreciate the importance of getting
involved and cooperating to address joint issues.


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