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Tyler TranNovember 8th, 2016 English 10 Due: November 9th 2016 Lucid Dreams    The doorbell rang. I expected my parents to open the door but apparently they weren’t home at this moment. Reluctantly I dragged myself out of bed and opened the door, no one was there. Had I waited too long?          Everything seemed abnormal. I peeked outside and to my surprise the landscape was extremely different. The neighborhood I once was no longer there. The only thing visually significant that I saw was a huge lake across the block. I head to the lake and saw a beach across the horizon. I could not swim and it would take years to build a boat with little to no knowledge. Years had passed and I finally built a boa sturdy enough and rowed across.         It was dusk when I got to the other side, the beach was very quaint with many beautiful people spending their time there. The people fascinated me like an exotic species. I had never seen people like them or their distinct features. However whenever I approached one of them they simply looked away as I were nothing important. This hurt me deeply so I walked down the road straight ahead and exited the beach. I passed a dowdy house with a dog sitting on the patio. When it saw me coming it turned away. I ignored the dog and continued to walk along the path until my feet hurt. I had known I walked a long time because my feet felt as if they would fall off if I took another step. I looked behind to see what I had left behind while following this path but I saw an unfamiliar landscape. Ahead of me, instead of a straight ordinary path, there was a huge cityscape greeting me. Instead of dead trees and birds, I saw massive skyscrapers. I looked up and the buildings were so tall it seemed as if they touched the clouds, as if I were standing on my bed and I could touch the ceiling with the tips of my fingers.           I looked back and gazed ahead of me again, a huge abyss opened up before me like a black hole you see in those science channels on TV. There was no other path but to jump so I prayed for my safety and fell. As soon as I leaped I began to regret my decisions because I hate the experience of not seeing what was below me as well as the feeling of vertigo.              I said “I hated falling and I would wish it stopped.” I shut my eyes bracing the inevitable death but it never happened. As I opened my eyes once more I saw the ordinary path I had once ventured down and walked some more, longing to go home and see my family again. A figure appeared in the beautiful sunset, I was certain it was my mother. As I approached her I realize it wasn’t my mother but I reassured myself because she reminded me of my mother and I wanted to see her again. Her face was stern as if she was mad at me. Deep in her heart she was truly worried but I could not explain my experiences today. Crying in her arms like a baby I closed my eyes hoping I forget everything I had saw.              I heard a doorbell ring. I had waken up to my bed again to the ordinary doorbell ring.  No one went to grab the door, just like last time. I repeated the same process I had done before and the outcome was the same. The unfamiliar neighborhood I saw when I opened the door and peeked out. I couldn’t imagine embracing the same outcome as I had the first time I walked out, my feet sore from walking and feeling isolated having even a dog not pay attention to me. I was done with those feelings, “I don’t want to do this.” I said “I don’t want to want to feel that way again.” I climbed up the stairs and went to bed again hoping to forget everything that happened. “It was all a dream. An incredibly physical and realistic dream but nonetheless a dream.” I thought. I had woken up again, this time greeted by the alluring scent of bacon and eggs for breakfast below. I was right all along, it was all just a dream. Smiling I continued my day having many questions for the science teacher on realistic dreams.


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