What With climate change news worsening, extreme weather events

What causes unfiltered water do become unsafe after a natural disaster? Making sure water remains clean during horrible disasters all over the world is a big part of our environment especially when they’re unexpected because it doesn’t give the people enough time to prepare themselves. For example, people will need to be prepared with flash lights, candles, making sure phones are well charged before the disaster in case you need to get in contact with 911, food and last but not least water, lots and lots of clean water. Clean water is very important when it comes to these type of situations because people need to stay hydrated especially when you don’t know how long it’s going to take and because dirty water can cause bacteria, viruses, and parasites/protozoa. These horrible disasters can take days, weeks or even months for things to be back to normal.You need to understand why dirty and clean water is important, what we can do to solve the disaster and what we can do to make sure we’re all safe during times like this and have what we need and we have to understand why and how all disasters are the same and how they’re all different. Making sure that water remains clean is such a big part all over the world especially due to all the horrible disasters that been happening like earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes eventually these things apply a lot of pressure on water, gas and oil pipes which can sooner or later cause them to explode and mix with the water that’s already doing the damage. The water that’s around in the streets is super toxic and can even cause people to lose their life due to all of the bacteria and dirt that’s in the water because it’s just been flowing around all day long collecting everything that’s on the street and unfortunately for many people especially children dirty water is one of the most deadly threats.  “It’s a topic many of us would rather avoid. With climate change news worsening, extreme weather events are popping up in all kinds of formerly peaceful areas. Big storms can make wells and public water supplies undrinkable, when runoff water washes chemicals such as pesticides and raw sewage from failed septic systems into natural water sources. We need to make sure we don’t look too far for water-contamination.”   (Water Filtration for Emergency Preparedness).  There’s never enough water worldwide, especially clean water.Most natural disasters and natural hazards are the same but slightly different some cause more damage than another because they were very strong and lasted a while others cause less damage because they only lasted a couple minutes but don’t let timing fool you they can both last up to 5 minutes and can be able to destroy the whole state/city. Natural hazards are things that take place in nature that cause harm, the word “natural” is used to let you know that the disaster is caused by nature. Examples of natural hazards are earthquakes, hurricanes, sinkholes, hail storms, wildfires. Natural hazards can lead to another, for example a earthquake can lead to a tsunami. Natural disasters are the effects of natural hazards, for example the tsunami in Japan caused a lot of loss on property and more importantly people’s lives. Natural disaster is the aftermath of a natural hazard, like a tsunami can cause lots and lots of flooding which can cause lots of people to drown, houses to float and water, oil and gas pipes to explode.Making sure that you keep a good water filtration and that it stays clean is super important also making sure people understand how and why dirty water is formed and the damages it can do to people and to our environment. We need to come together as one as a community and make sure that we have everything we need and that we’re prepared for anything that comes our way. Also, for people who don’t have the opportunity to be prepared that don’t have a home we can’t forget about them we need to make sure everybody is safe during terrible times like this.                        


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