Who weight and how they could be able to

Who Do I What to Become

When I was a kid, I always wanted
to become someone successful in life. Since I can remember I used to wonder how
things were built and how they worked. I remember that I was amazed of tall and
strong buildings and how they were able to support a lot of weight and how they
could be able to stand for years. As I grow older I started to realize that I
needed to go to school in order to become that someone that could build those
structures. I started my long career in Mexico and when I turned 15, I started
to attend to Civil Engineering courses in order to gain some experience and get
an idea of what that career would bring for my further development. Now, I am
25 years old and I’m starting to realize that Civil Engineering is not just a
career but is a commitment to build safer roads, safer buildings, and safer bridges
among other structures. Like any other scientific or mathematical career that
exist in the world; Civil Engineering takes a lot of effort, dedication, and
knowledge about how the planet works. I am four semesters away to become a
Civil Engineer & I understand that in order to pursuit my goal I will need
to spend more time working with Civil Engineers that have experience and have
been in the field for years. I will also need to start attending to internships
and prove myself that I’m suitable for this career that I am pursuing.

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to the University of Central Florida; it takes 4 years (8 semesters including
summer) as a full time student, 128 course credit hours, and achieve a minimum of
2.25 GPA to graduate as a Civil Engineer (n. p.). The required subjects I will
need for graduation are as follow: Composition I, Calculus with Analytic
Geometry I, General Physics Using Calculus I, Introduction to the Engineering
Profession, Principles of Chemistry or General Chemistry, Composition II, Calculus
with Analytic Geometry II, Engineering Concepts and Methods, Engineering
Economic Analysis, Calculus with Analytic Geometry III, Engineering
Analysis-Statics, Probability and Statistics for Engineers, Ordinary
Differential Equations I, General Physics Using Calculus II, Mechanics of
Materials, Applied Numerical Methods for Civil Engineering, Engineering
Analysis-Dynamics, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Structural Analysis I and Lab,
Civil Engineering Measurements, Geotechnical Engineering I, Highway Engineering,
Hydraulics, Introduction to the construction Industry, Civil Engineering
Materials, Depth Area, Course 1, Depth Area 2, Course 1, Approved Project
Design Course, Depth Area 1, Course 2, Depth Area 2, Course 2, Depth Elective 1,
Elective Course 1, Elective Course 2, CECE Capstone Design, Depth Elective 2,
& a Technical Elective.

cost for attending to UCF in state total cost is $17,284 and out of state total
cost is $32,616 dollars per year (CEG, n. p.). 
These costs do not include all the implicit costs because as a student
it will vary depending in the time, effort, & personal expenses. The cost
will also vary depending on the location and the state an individual wants to
attend to and how far he/she is willing to go in his/her professional career. In
average, the total cost out of state for a bachelor program in Civil
Engineering is $164,992.00 and for in state is $148,064.00 dollars (CEG, n. p.).  After I graduate, I want to look for a steady
job in order to increase my knowledge. I know that looking for the right
employer will be difficult but with patience and dedication to my career I will
become a great Civil Engineer that will build and create different structures.  

Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment of Civil Engineers “is
projected to grow 11% from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all
occupations. As infrastructure continues to age, Civil Engineers will be needed
to manage projects to rebuild, repair, and upgrade dams, bridges, buildings,
roads, levees, and structures of all types (n. p.).” This will be a great
opportunity to fulfill my academic and personal endeavors because I will be
able to teach others that Civil Engineering is more than a job, but is a career
to be proud of.  Civil Engineering offers
a competitive pay across the country which ranges at $83,540 per year or $40.16
per hour. This competitive pay has also increase the interest of students over
the years because it offers a really good pay but also an everyday learning

will help me increase my knowledge that could be useful in the future. It will
provide me with good analytic techniques because it will not just help me as an
engineer but as a person. This class will provide me with new perspectives at
looking at things such as cost, marginal profit, utility, decision of the firm
and other variables. For example, an engineer does not only create things that
stand in position but they make things that stand just enough. Not too much nor
not too little, picking from different available resources and choosing the
right materials. 

In conclusion, this assignment
has provided me with more than just information, it has reinforced my decision
to pursue my dream and follow my career. I have learned the amount of money I
will need to spend in order to graduate and how much effort I have to put in
order to fulfil it. I also have learned my explicit and implicit costs throughout
my college career which I have had forgotten and never came to think about.
Like every successful person says “Education is the key of success.” I want to
thank you Professor Dr. Modupe Soremi for having a really enjoyable assignment
to write about because it really does help doing some research about who I do
want to become.


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